LearnCast Launches Learn To Program How to Videos

LearnCast launches a series of 16 HOW TO video training programs “LearnToProgram.TV” this partnership allows LearnCast / Achieve Labs the worldwide distribution of programs such as :

  • Apple IOS – Swift Language 
  • IOS 3D Fundamentals, 
  • IOS 6 and 7 Mobile App Development 
  • HTML5 Mobile App with Phone Gap 
  • jQuery for beginners 
  • Javascript for beginners 
  • Ajax Development
  • Android for beginners 
  • C Programming for beginners 
  • CSS Development 
  • Design for Coders 
  • Game Development for Python
  • GIT HUB Fundamentals 
  • HTML and CSS for beginners 
  • Java Programming for Beginners 
  • Joomla for Beginners
  • Swift Language Fundamentals 
  • Search Apple App Store ” LearnToProgram.TV” 


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