LearnCast Launches Learn To Program How to Videos

LearnCast launches a series of 16 HOW TO video training programs “LearnToProgram.TV” this partnership allows LearnCast / Achieve Labs the worldwide distribution of programs such as :

  • Apple IOS – Swift Language 
  • IOS 3D Fundamentals, 
  • IOS 6 and 7 Mobile App Development 
  • HTML5 Mobile App with Phone Gap 
  • jQuery for beginners 
  • Javascript for beginners 
  • Ajax Development
  • Android for beginners 
  • C Programming for beginners 
  • CSS Development 
  • Design for Coders 
  • Game Development for Python
  • GIT HUB Fundamentals 
  • HTML and CSS for beginners 
  • Java Programming for Beginners 
  • Joomla for Beginners
  • Swift Language Fundamentals 
  • Search Apple App Store ” LearnToProgram.TV” 


The NFEC and LearnCast Team Up on Mobile Personal Finance App

NFEC Mobile App

We at LearnCast are very excited to be working with the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) to develop an educational personal finance application. The NFEC provides financial education solutions to individuals, schools, businesses, families, government and nonprofit organizations around the globe to improve financial literacy.

This course aims to support the NFEC’s mission by providing people convenient access to real world personal finance lessons that can improve their lives. Individuals can learn about financial literacy at their own pace right from their mobile devices.

The mobile personal finance app includes lessons on ten money management topics that range from setting financial goals through basic investment principles. These lessons are delivered through: videos, quick tips, interactive surveys, guides and real time testing.

Read more here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/Mobile-personal-finance/applications/prweb10299007.htm

Digital Badges for Learning Provide Incentives to Develop Skills and Real Careers

New concepts are brewing in online education, known as digital badges or skill badges. “Digital Badges” will play a very important role in learning because they are a non-threatning, short learning experiences, with a personal reward system built in. Everyone wants recognition for the work they put toward learning and applying what can be done as a new or advanced skill.  These online digital badges provide a system approach for those who want to create and share knowledge (Authors), those who want to learn the skills and be recognized for new skills by passing the assessments (Learners). The certifying body is the organization who requires these skills (Sponsors such as industry employers and large organizations) who employ or contract those who can show proficiency in a particular trade skill or other complex tasks.

Life long learning is becoming the absolute standard to  stay current, to stay with compliance, to compete for jobs by showing the level of experience and ability.

Digital badges represent a valuable tool for for managers who are looking beyond the classical resume. Now the social networks such as Facebook and Linked are moving to support this movement. The rewards of “digital badges” or “skill badges” are almost immediate, providing an instantly publishable accomplishment into the most popular social media sites like FaceBook and Linked in. This is  gratifying to anyone looking to build a digital resume and showing that life long learning is important to their career plans.

Specific skills or competencies can be accomplished by any learner, at any age as long as   the learner has access to the internet. The accomplishment is certifiable. 

From the U.S. Department of Education, Secretary Duncan http://www.ed.gov/news/speeches/digital-badges-learning

“The President and I are convinced that with technology, we have an extraordinary opportunity to expand educational excellence and equity, and personalize the experience for students. Technology can enable the high-quality teaching and learning that today’s students need to thrive as citizens, workers, and leaders in the digital age, and the globally competitive knowledge economy.

We’re excited that, this year … the potential of digital badges. Badges can help engage students in learning, and broaden the avenues for learners of all ages to acquire and demonstrate – as well as document and display – their skills.

Badges can help speed the shift from credentials that simply measure seat time, to ones that more accurately measure competency. We must accelerate that transition. And, badges can help account for formal and informal learning in a variety of settings.

Posted by John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Chicago-based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, which has spearheaded the digital-badges movement for lifelong learning by launching a competition for badge proposals in partnership with Mozilla, a nonprofit Web organization best known for its open-source browser Firefox, and HASTAC, or Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory, a network of individuals promoting new technologies for learning.

“Kids are learning in their peer group. They’re learning online. They’re learning in interest groups and after-school programs,” says Constance M. Yowell, the director of education for U.S. programs at the MacArthur Foundation. “One of the things that is abundantly clear to us is that learning is incredibly fragmented, and there’s nobody that’s helping the learning that’s happening across those connections.” Source - http://www.edweek.org/dd/articles/2012/06/13/03badges.h05.html




LearnCast Sponsors DevLearn 2012

LearnCast is proud to be co-sponsoring DevLearn 2012,  Oct 31- Nov 1, in Las Vegas. This year we will be introducing our new look and feel, rolling out the industries first and most robust mobile learning platform that has been selected by the top FORTUNE 50 companies as the fastest, simplest content creation tools, content delivery and measurement systems.

Our customers are excited to see us at DevLearn and meet our team. This year we will have our Southwest sales team present in the booth and around the show – please come over and meet them.

LearnCast is going to roll out our new brand, our new pricing plans, our new features and new road map.

If your company is seeking a better learning system, or advise and help from the most experienced company ( 25 year experienced company ) and the veterans in e-learning, mobile learning and behavioral learning, come over and meet with us at Dev Learn 2012. You will be very glad you did.

If your company is looking for more than a fluffy bag stuffer, come to our presentation Nov 1 2012 @ 2:00 where you will learn from the experts

Learn from the Experts
In this session,  four experts from HP, Motorola, Better Learning Systems and LearnCast. Each of these presenters have an amazing story to tell, real-time data of their findings deploying  content through the use of mobile technology.
The sales force, technical force, educational force, are all represented here to share their stories.
Our Expert Presenters
Oliver Thompson         HP
Gene Polocsko            Motorola
Jeff Coruccini              Better Learning Systems
David Clemons            LearnCast
Take aways:
1.    Learn how these Fortune 100 companies benefit by Mobile Learning
2.    Learn how mobile technology speeds up workflow and communication
3.    Learn how mobile technology  has improved the distribution of content
4.    Learn about the risk,rewards and ROI
5.    Learn about how the  rules have changed regarding content
6.    Learn how each of our experts motivate learners to engage
Mobile Presentation can be viewed at :  http://Devlearn2012.push5.us/L7pKApP
We are looking forward to meeting with everyone at DevLearn 2012
David Clemons
Founder / CEO

LearnCast to License Push Mobile Media Mobile Platform

The Push Mobile Media Platform  allows users to rapidly build mobile campaigns to engage, educate and inform the enterprise mobile workforce. These mobile campaigns are defined as urgent messages with rich mobile content, video media, feedback and a quality user experience on any mobile device. Delivering rich mobile campaigns to Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile users.

LearnCast(R) has selected Push Mobile Media for obvious reasons. Push is backed by the elearning leadership of LearnKey and their partners. Together, they bring 23 years of experience in the online delivery of certification content and assessments.

Mobile learning is a new technology to learn about. It has many elements that involve new instruction design considerations, tools to create and repurpose content with, delivery considerations , device detevtion, video encode and transcoding and reports to monitor.

Mobile users have come to expect a great experience on their phones and PDAs . LearnCast will deliver content such as text, images, video, feedback, polling , quizzing and instant charting as well as social texting tools.

Stay tuned as we finalize plans to integrate the development of mobile learning modules through the Push Mobile Media platform.



Welcome to the “blog space” of LearnCast(TM) . Our goal is to provide a better educational experience to educators through tools like Moodle, Google, and a series of open source Web 2.0 technologies. . Taking the mystery out of the educational platforms and have teachers and users “jump start” the content production process.